Bengine Technologies provides premium solutions for online gaming applications, including a full suite of gaming software for regulated sports-book and casino products, all expertly designed to offer limitless flexibility in designing a custom gaming experience that engages your audience reliably.

Cross-Platform Management

Bengine employs a powerful unified information management system that gives you invaluable assistance in maximising and optimising your player base. This offers increased cross-sale abilities and a better understanding of your players’ loyalty and yield, leading to stronger, more reliable results. Most importantly, Bengine fully supports all sales channels, including online retail, live and mobile.

Support and monitoring services are also available, complete with on-hands consulting on how to secure bookmakers to gain better control of the games. These flexible solutions can be tailored to your needs, creating a unique experience that will captivate your audience and maximise your potential.

Bengine provides effective marketing material built upon years of experience, including logos, images and web pages, all in an effort to present your unique corporate identity in today’s competitive market.

Bengine is here to ensure that you’re well-prepared for the next generation of gaming!


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